School Bus Ad Action Center 2015

The commercialization of our schools could get a lot worse this year.
Currently, only Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Tennessee, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Utah, Nevada, and New Mexico allow advertising on the exterior of school buses. But more states are considering overturning their long-standing prohibitions on school bus ads in a misguided attempt to solve their budget deficits. The financial plight of schools is extremely worrisome, but turning school buses into traveling billboards for everything from fast food to violent and sexualized media is not the answer.

And while it is wrong to sell out students at any price, school bus advertising hardly generates any income for schools. Click here for more information on school bus ad revenue.

Please click on the links below to check out the status of school bus advertising in your state. (If your state is not listed, there is currently no bill under consideration). Then follow the “Take Action” link to tell your legislators to keep school buses commercial-free.

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An act to allow a school district the option of allowing advertising on school buses.

STATUS: Unfortunately HB 1495 passed both the House and Senate on 3/26/15.  On 4/2/15 HB 1495 became Act 941.

SYNOPSIS: A school district board of directors may elect to allow advertising that meets the requirements established by the Commission for Arkansas Public School Academic Facilities and Transportation on school buses.




An act to allow commercial advertising on school buses by local boards of education, and to repeal conflicting laws. 

STATUS: As of 1/29/15, this bill has been referred to the House Committee on Education and has had two readings. 

SYNOPSIS: A local board of education may authorize the placement of commercial advertisements on the interior and exterior of school buses owned or operated by that local board. No advertisements shall interfere in the safe operation of a school bus. Advertisement of alcohol, tobacco products, political campaign advertising, or individual food items prohibited by the local board of education or State Board of Education are not permitted. Advertisements shall not exceed five feet in length and sixteen inches in height.


TAKE ACTION: Tell the Gerogia House Committee on Education to VOTE NO on HB 111!


INDIANA: SB 500 [Defeated for 2015]

The bill would allow paid advertisements on school buses which are currently prohibited.

STATUS: On 2/19/2015, the bill was amended and the section regarding school bus advertising was removed.

SYNOPSIS: Education deregulation. Makes comprehensive revisions to the Indiana Code relating to all aspects of the administration of schools and school corporations and the education of students from pre- kindergarten through grade 12. Repeals various obsolete provisions and provisions that limit local control of schools. Establishes a school reporting oversight committee to review all reporting requirements by the state for schools. Authorizes public agencies to charge a search and detection fee of $20 per hour for certain public information requests. Expands the list of items for which a state agency may not impose a fee under the public records law, and further regulates the public records fees that state agencies may charge. Removes a requirement that a local government authority awarding a public work contract to a bidder other than the lowest bidder must state in the authority's minutes or memoranda the factors used to determine the bidder awarded the contract. Provides that school accreditation is optional for schools. Makes conforming and technical amendments.