Screen-Free Week

A Fourth Grader's Perspective on Screen Time


Mark N., fourth grade teacher in IL and CCFC member
This month, I had my students write what I called "Activist Poems". We brainstormed a variety of social issues that affect both adults and children. The list had a variety of topics from smoking to terrorism to homelessness. My contribution to the list was screen time. As I read all of my students' poems, I found that one student, Oula, chose this topic to write about.

What I Hope to Gain From My First Screen-Free Week


Sara Adelmann

As a first-time Screen-Free Week celebrant (yes, it’s true), I have a host of anxieties about it. I admit I use screens all day long—for work and for fun. I play mobile games, watch TV, and surf the web daily. But I think that it’ll be hardest for me to give up searching for music. I’m obsessed with discovering new bands and songs and I do it all on a screen. Will I be able to go the whole week just listening to music already in my collection?


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