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The Activist’s Dilemma: Reform or Radical Change

Allen Kanner describes his personal dilemma of seeking social change either through radical action or incremental reform. He refers to how CFCC exposed Disney’s scam of marketing Baby Einstein videos as educational, but has to seek power from the government for stricter laws and regulations. Kanner believes that members of social movements need to examine whether adopting a radical stance or taking a reformist position would be more effective.

FTC Files False Advertising Charges Against Your Baby Can Read; Commission's Action Is Important Milestone in CCFC's Ongoing Efforts to Hold "Genius Baby" Industry Accountable

Date of Release: 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

August 28, 2012
Contact: Josh Golin (617-896-9368;
For Immediate Release

Longing and Belonging: Parents, Children, and Consumer Culture

Despite the economic downturn, adults continue to spend billions of dollars annually on children. After
three years of observing and interviewing children, Allison J. Pugh discovered a major factor that
contributes to why we continue to buy. It is children’s desire to belong. Even under great financial
constraints, families prioritize children “feeling normal,” and continue to purchase because of it.

Taking Back Childhood: Helping Your Kids Thrive in a Fast-Paced, Media-Saturated, Violence-Filled World

Based on early childhood development expert Nancy Carlsson-Paige’s thirty years of researching children,
this book helps parents navigate through the media culture that is damaging children today. The book
provides advice on what toys are best for childhood development, techniques for resolving conflict, and
steps parents can take to create a safe and healthy environment for their children.


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