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CCFC Members Talk Back to the Toy Industry

On October 27, 2008 CCFC sent a letter to the CEOs of twenty-four toy manufacturers and retailers calling for a moratorium on holiday advertising targeted to children.  We also asked CCFC members and supporters to send letters as well.  While they had the option of sending a prewritten letter, many were so concerned that they took the time to personalize their messages.  Excerpts of these emails are below:

CCFC’s Comments to the Federal Trade Commission: Industry’s Experiment in Self-Regulation Has Failed

On July 14-15, the Federal Trade Commission will hold a workshop on Marketing, Self-Regulation, and Childhood Obesity. In preparation for the workshop, CCFC submitted comments that declared the current system of advertising industry self-regulation a failure. The comments were signed by fifteen of CCFC’s member organizations.


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