Screen Time

Compulsory Screens—and Screen-Compulsions


Susan Linn, Ed.D.

I broke my Screen-Free Week pledge within 60 minutes of waking up on the first day—by walking into the gym. After drifting into my usual exercise-induced trance, I startled awake to find myself reading a news crawl on one of the eight wall-mounted televisions, each tuned to a different station.

That prepared me, however, for the coming week. I was going to have to be vigilant not just about the screens I chose to give up, but about screens over which I have no control. I did pretty well—and I’m proud of it.

Colbert-Free Week


Shara Drew

Screen-Free Week starts in a few days, and I am mostly excited for the challenge. I’m a little anxious about leaving the Facebook world for seven whole days (I wasn’t even able to do that during a trip to the French Alps last fall), but I look forward to escaping status update overload and all the virtual tagging and poking for a while. I’m happily anticipating more time for reading, listening to music, and enjoying longer walks with my two little dogs. But what I’m not so happily anticipating is tuning out Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert next week.

Screen-Free Week and Me


Josh Golin

Given that my daughter (almost 2.5) is screen-free year-round, the week won’t really affect her (although hopefully her father will be a little less distracted). So for me, the week is more about looking in the mirror.

Giving up TV will be easy. If it weren’t Screen-Free Week, I would definitely watch some of the NBA playoffs but given that my team (don’t laugh – the New Jersey Nets) isn’t in them, it won’t be much of sacrifice. 

Your Baby Can’t Really Read (and doesn’t need to)


Susan Linn, Ed.D.

The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood has filed a Federal Trade Commission complaint against Your Baby Can Read! for false and deceptive marketing. YBCR is a $200 video-based system that allegedly teaches babies as young as three months to read. TheToday Show did a great story on our complaint, and we’re already hearing from parents who have been duped by the company.

No No Nintendo: Parents, Children, and the Latest Media Wonder


Susan Linn, Ed.D.

The much acclaimed Nintendo 3DS promises endless hours of screen-time pleasure—and a load of trouble for parents and children. It provides 3D gaming with no bothersome glasses. Reviews glowingly describe a three dimensional experience that is more real and more compelling than ever before—instead of objects appearing to come at you, the new Nintendo technology creates a more realistic sense of depth.

Go Screen-Free with CCFC: April 18-24, 2011

Screen-Free Week 2011

We've got some exciting news.  CCFC is now the official new home of Screen-Free Week (formerly TV-Turnoff), the annual celebration where millions of people turn off television and turn on the world around them.  What would you and your family do with an extra 20, 30, or even 50 hours a week?  Find out during CCFC's inaugural Screen-Free Week on April 18-24, 2011!


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