December 2013: Laps, not Apps Edition

12,000+ to Fisher-Price: No iPad Bouncy Seats for Infants!; Helping Babies Entertain Themselves Without an iPad or Any Other Screen; Spreading the Word About the iPad Bouncy Seat; And the TOADY Goes to . . .; Resources for surviving—and enjoying!—the holidays

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12,000+ to Fisher-Price: No iPad Bouncy Seats for Infants!

Today, CCFC sent a petition with more than 12,000 signatures demanding that Fisher-Price stop selling its notorious Newborn-to-Toddler Apptivity™ Seat for iPad® device. In CCFC’s 13-year history, no petition we’ve hosted has garnered more signatures—or generated more passion. Parents, grandparents, educators, and health professionals are appalled at Fisher-Price’s cynical disregard for infant’s wellbeing. In a letter to Geoff Walker, Executive Vice President of Fisher-Price, we highlighted some of our favorite petition comments, like this one from Helen Groh of the United Kingdom.

“The thought of being strapped down and forced to stare at a screen when you have no other experience in life makes me feel physically sick. Especially when I think of my 12- week-old-daughter and her exciting journey she goes on everyday just by looking around and engaging with the world. Shame on you Fisher-Price. If this product goes ahead, I, for one, will be boycotting all your products.”

You can read our letter to Fisher-Price here:

If you haven’t signed our petition to recall the iPad bouncy seat, please visit:

Helping Babies Entertain Themselves Without an iPad or Any Other Screen

Fisher-Price’s iPad bouncy seat has spurred another public debate about screen time for babies. Marketers position screen devices as the only option for keeping a baby stimulated while overstressed parents get much needed down-time. Parents, already under pressure to constantly entertain babies, are seeking ways to be good nurturers and still get some time to themselves. The good news is that there is a great alternative that promotes healthy development and gives parents time for a breather— encouraging screen-free independent play. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our newest resource: Helping Babies Entertain Themselves Screen-Free. You can read it here and download a printable copy to share with new and expecting parents at:

Spreading the Word About the iPad Bouncy Seat

Our campaign to recall the Fisher-Price iPad bouncy seat was covered in hundreds of media outlets around the world. Here’s just a few of our favorites:

Thanks to the thousands of CCFC members who made the iPad bouncy seat the talk of social media. You can keep the conversation going by visiting for sample tweets and Facebook posts.

And the TOADY Goes to . . .

The competition was stiff. The campaigning was fierce. Passions ran high. But in the end, one toy stood out as the worst of the worst: the 2-In-1 iPotty with Activity Seat for iPad by CTA Digital. With 45% of the vote, the iPotty bested runner-up VIP Upgrade Membership by The Real Tooth Fairies (30%) to win the 2013 TOADY (Toys Oppressive and Destructive to Young children) Award.

Michelle Salcedo of Greenville, SC eloquently explained her vote for the winner: “Toilet learning should be a time of positive interaction between child and caregiver. Also, children should be aware of the cues in their bodies as they learn. This toy takes this social/emotional focus out of the process and substitutes the hypnotism of a screen.” Added Alex Reynard of Royal Oak, MI, “It not only reinforces unhealthy overuse of digital media, it's aimed at toddlers. We should NOT be giving them the message that you shouldn't even take your eyes off a screen long enough to pee.” For more on this year’s TOADY’s, please visit:

Resources for surviving—and enjoying!—the holidays

Avoiding meltdowns and excessive consumption are two issues parents face every year around the holidays. Here are two great resources: In our blog, Susan Linn addresses one meltdown that’s easily avoided and CCFC’s Guide to Commercial-Free Holidays features a wealth of suggestions for preserving meaning in your family celebrations and keeping materialism at bay. Contributors include Enola Aird, Lyn Mikel Brown, Nancy Carlsson-Paige, Nathan Dungan, Nancy Gruver, Allen Kanner, Tim Kasser, Joe Kelly, Annie Leonard, Diane Levin, and Michele Simon.