June 2014

Tell AT&T: No Multi-Screen Experiences for Babies; Our 30K Match: Help put us over the top; Susan Linn honored with Creative Leadership Award; Research Roundup; Great New Resource: Summer Play Plans from TRUCE; Recommended Reading and Viewing

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Tell AT&T: No Multi-Screen Experiences for Babies
Few things could be less beneficial to babies than the multitasking distraction and screen-mediated experience of the BabyFirstTV and AT&T partnership. For healthy brain development, young children benefit from singularly focused activities and 3-D, multisensory interaction with their world. – Dr. Jim Taylor, author of Raising Generation Tech: Prepare Your Children for a Media-Fueled World

On June 18, CCFC launched a campaign urging AT&T to pull the plug on its BabyFirst U-verse app. The app encourages babies to watch TV while using an iPad. We’re off to a great start. Over 2,500 of you have signed our petition, social media is appropriately horrified by the first “second screen” experience for babies, and our concerns have been featured in outlets like Time.com and Wisconsin Public Radio. But we need to keep the pressure on and send a strong message to AT&T and other companies considering partnering with BabyFirst. If you haven’t already, please take a stand for babies by visiting http://org.salsalabs.com/o/621/p/dia/action3/common/public/?action_KEY=15903.

Our 30K Match: Help put us over the top
As our fiscal-year draws to a close, longtime supporter and board member Doreen Miller has stepped up with a fantastic challenge: If we raise $30,000 by June 30th at midnight, Doreen will match it. Thanks to so many of you, we’re almost there. But we still need to raise another $4,700 to meet our goal. While $30,000 is chump change to corporations, like Mattel and AT&T, that target children, it will make all the difference to CCFC.

Please visit http://www.commercialfreechildhood.org/contribute to make your tax-deductible contribution today. To learn more about why Doreen supports CCFC, click here.

Susan Linn honored with Creative Leadership Award
For forty years, the Puppet Showplace Theatre has nurtured children’s creativity and love of live theater by providing dynamic and commercial-free programs for families. I’m so touched to be honored by such a fantastic organization. – Susan Linn

On June 2, CCFC’s director Dr. Susan Linn was honored by the Puppet Showplace Theater of Brookline, MA at its 40th Anniversary Gala. Susan was presented with the theater’s Creative Leadership Award, both for her advocacy and for her innovative use of puppets with children. In addition to founding CCFC, Susan is an award winning ventriloquist and children’s entertainer and she’s internationally known for her innovative use of puppets in child psychotherapy.

Research Roundup

  • A new study suggests that using marketing techniques to get kids to eat their vegetables doesn't work. The best approach? No marketing whatsoever.
  • New psychological and brain research finds that young men who watch more violence on television show indications of less mature brain development and poorer executive functioning.
  • New brain research demonstrates that children learn better with old-fashioned pen and paper than when they use a keyboard. “Not only do we learn letters better when we commit them to memory through writing, memory and learning ability in general may benefit.”

Great New Resource: Summer Play Plans from TRUCE
Summer is finally here! And our friends at TRUCE have 3 new screen-free play plans full of creative (and inexpensive!) ways to engage kids during the hot summer months. Turn off screens and turn on chalk, water, and mud (just in time for International Mud Day on June 29!). To download your free guides, please visit http://www.truceteachers.org/guides.htm.

Recommended reading and viewing