A Salute to Susan Linn; We’re Hiring; Commercial Quandaries for Modern Parents: To Buy In or Not to Buy In; Kids Unbranded Video Contest; Celebrate Screen-Free Week May 4-10; Recommended Reading, Viewing, and Listening

Changes Ahead for CCFC and Founding Director, Dr. Susan Linn; Out of Bounds: The NFL’s Intensive Campaign to Target Children; Commercial Quandaries for Modern Parents: The Curious George Dilemma; Remembering Peggy Charren; A Big Thanks to All of Our Year-End Donors!; A Bad Week for CEOs Whose Companies Market to Kids; Recommended Reading, Viewing, and Listening

Great Resource to Help Preschoolers Unplug!; A New CCFC Series: Commercial Quandaries for Modern Parents; And the TOADY Goes To . . .; Coalition to FTC: Topps Violated Rules to Protect Children Online; Winter Family Play Plans from TRUCE; Recommended Reading

This Year's TOADY Vote Could Come Down to the Wire; Resources for Resisting the Holiday Hype; After Online Skewering, Mattel Pulls Sexist Barbie Book; Great New Resource for Parents: Kids Unbranded; Victory: FTC Denies New COPPA Age Verification System; 13-Year-Old Activist Calls Out Big Sugar

UN Special Rapporteur Calls for Prohibition on Marketing to Kids Under 12 and Ban on In-School Ads; Let's Kick Ronald McDonald Out of Schools; Houghton Mifflin's Channel One Brings Execution Horror into the Classroom; Great New Resource: Fall Family Play Plans from TRUCE; Recommended Reading and Viewing; Send us your TOADY nominees; Book Review: The Grammie Guide

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Tell AT&T: No Multi-Screen Experiences for Babies; Our 30K Match: Help put us over the top; Susan Linn honored with Creative Leadership Award; Research Roundup; Great New Resource: Summer Play Plans from TRUCE; Recommended Reading and Viewing

Introducing CCFC’s Board of Directors; A Heartfelt Thanks to CCFC’s Steering Committee; A Big Win for Student Privacy; Screen-Free Week is Almost Here!; Limiting Junk Food Ads is Good; Commercial-Free Schools are Far Better; Brazil Bans Advertising to Kids Under 12; Recommended Reading; Book Review: Her Next Chapter

The Girl Scouts Are #BetterThanBarbie; Let’s Keep the Pressure On; Still No Evidence That Touch Screens Are Good for Babies; Celebrate Screen-Free Week May 5th to 11th; FTC, California Attorney General Weigh-In On Harmful Facebook Settlement; Media Madness: The Impact of Sex, Violence, and Commercial Culture; Recommended Reading

Why we turned down $290,000; Celebrate Screen-Free Week: May 5th-11th ; Do Not Track Kids; Your Baby Can’t Read (and that’s just fine); Parents of screen-free babies, we need your help; Advocates urge Olympic medalist to reject McDonald’s Sponsorships; Recommended Reading