Passion for public education on display at the 2016 NPE National Conference


David Monahan

I was thrilled to attend the National Conference of the Network for Public Education (NPE) on April 16 and 17 in Raleigh, North Carolina. NPE shared the Convention Center with a local Comic Con, but even without capes and masks our event had the true superheroes: educators fighting for children and our communities. The theme of this year’s conference: “And Justice for All: Strengthening Public Education for Each Child.”

A Fourth Grader's Perspective on Screen Time


Mark N., fourth grade teacher in IL and CCFC member
This month, I had my students write what I called "Activist Poems". We brainstormed a variety of social issues that affect both adults and children. The list had a variety of topics from smoking to terrorism to homelessness. My contribution to the list was screen time. As I read all of my students' poems, I found that one student, Oula, chose this topic to write about.

Don’t Sell Out NJ Kids with School Bus Ads. Especially Not For Pennies.


David Monahan and Anna Sandler

If someone offered you a dollar a year to advertise to your child, potentially putting their safety in jeopardy, would you do it? Of course not. Yet that’s what many New Jersey school districts are doing by placing ads on the exterior of their school buses.

Your Baby Still Can't Read!

A few years ago, CCFC exposed a huckster named Robert Titzer, who falsely claimed that his video series could teach babies to read. Thanks to our work, the Federal Trade Commission ordered him to stop. It was a huge victory and a milestone in our ongoing campaign to support parents’ efforts to raise healthy babies by stopping the false and deceptive marketing of “educational” baby videos. 


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