Stop the Unfair Ads on YouTube Kids

If we don’t act now, Google could singlehandedly demolish long-standing rules that protect children from harmful commercialism.

In February, Google launched the YouTube Kids app for preschoolers, a supposedly child-friendly version of its popular online video service. But YouTube Kids is no safe haven. Instead, it’s what noted media scholar Dale Kunkel calls, “the most hyper-commercialized media environment for children I have ever seen.”

Advocates File FTC Complaint Against Google's YouTube Kids


Date of Release: 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Contacts: Josh Golin (617-896-9369;
Jeff Chester (202-986-2220;
Angela Campbell (202-662-9541;

Child and Consumer Advocates Urge Federal Trade Commission to Investigate and Bring Action Against Google for Excessive and Deceptive Advertising Directed at Children

School Bus Ad Action Center 2015

The commercialization of our schools could get a lot worse this year.
Currently, only Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Tennessee, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Utah, Nevada, and New Mexico allow advertising on the exterior of school buses. But more states are considering overturning their long-standing prohibitions on school bus ads in a misguided attempt to solve their budget deficits. The financial plight of schools is extremely worrisome, but turning school buses into traveling billboards for everything from fast food to violent and sexualized media is not the answer.


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