Baby Einstein Update: We're making a huge difference

Our successful campaign to persuade Disney to give refunds to parents who purchased Baby Einstein videos has become a huge international story.  Media coverage includes a front page story in The New York Times ("No Genius in Your Crib?  Get a Refund"); stories on Good Morning America and the CBS Evening News; and articles in hundreds of newspapers throughout the

Another CCFC Victory: Disney Offers Refund on Baby Einstein Videos

We've got great news.  CCFC's ongoing campaign to stop the false and deceptive marketing of baby videos has had a stunning success.  We've persuaded the Walt Disney Company to offer a full refund to anyone who purchased a Baby Einstein DVD in the last five years.  The refund is only available for a limited time, so please help us spread the word now!

We Did It! No More BusRadio

Turn Off Bus Radio

Thanks to CCFC members across the country, when children ride school buses today, they won’t be subjected to specially designed student-targeted ads for Barbie and Cingular Wireless or entreaties to spend their after-school hours watching TV and playing videogames. After CCFC’s three-year campaign. BusRadio - the company that planned to "take targeted student marketing to the next level" - ceased operations yesterday.

See What CCFC Members Wrote To President Obama

As the nation celebrates the first Mother’s and Father’s Days since the inauguration of President Obama, the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood is urging the President to launch a systematic review of the regulations on marketing to children to determine whether they offer adequate protection for twenty-first century families.   CCFC has launched an online petition appealing to the President as a father of two young girls who has spoken openly about his concerns about commercial messages that sexualize children, glorify violence, and encourage materialism.  CCFC will deliver the petit

2009 PG13 Movie Marketing to Young Children

In a letter dated September 29, 2009 from FTC Chairman Jon Liebowitz, the FTC agreed to investigate the marketing plans for several films rated PG-13 for violent content.

Citing thousands of child-targeted promotions for a slew of violent summer blockbusters, the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood sent a letter on June 24, 2009 to the Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, urging the FTC to to ensure that PG-13 movies are not marketed to young children.

CCFC Members Talk Back to the Toy Industry

On October 27, 2008 CCFC sent a letter to the CEOs of twenty-four toy manufacturers and retailers calling for a moratorium on holiday advertising targeted to children.  We also asked CCFC members and supporters to send letters as well.  While they had the option of sending a prewritten letter, many were so concerned that they took the time to personalize their messages.  Excerpts of these emails are below:


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