Pokemon STOP! Don't lure kids to sponsors' locations

We need your help to protect children from a wave of corporate marketing at the heart of the Pokemon GO craze. 

Pokemon GO, produced by Niantic, Inc., is a location-based augmented reality game, where players visit specific real world places to capture, battle, and train virtual creatures. Niantic touts how Pokemon GO encourages players to "Get Up, Get Out, and Explore," and the news is filled with stories of strangers bonding while playing the game.

How We Win


Josh Golin

I’m so excited about the real progress we’re making shielding children from invasive advertising. Our ongoing campaign to keep ads off of school buses is just one example. 

Youth, parents, and educators tell McDonald’s to Stop McTeacher’s Nights!


David Monahan

On May 24, advocacy groups, teachers, parents, and youth gathered at the huge “Rock n Roll” McDonald’s in downtown Chicago to loudly demand: Stop McTeacher’s Nights! The rally was held just two days before the McDonald’s Annual Shareholder meeting and a short drive from the company’s headquarters. The speeches, signs, and protest chants revolved around one theme: McDonald’s should not target kids and capitalize on student-teacher relationships with junk food “fundraisers” that return little to schools.

Passion for public education on display at the 2016 NPE National Conference


David Monahan

I was thrilled to attend the National Conference of the Network for Public Education (NPE) on April 16 and 17 in Raleigh, North Carolina. NPE shared the Convention Center with a local Comic Con, but even without capes and masks our event had the true superheroes: educators fighting for children and our communities. The theme of this year’s conference: “And Justice for All: Strengthening Public Education for Each Child.”


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