As Marketing to Children Intensifies, What Can Society Do?

This article in Solutions sums up not only the consequences of advertising to children, but also steps that readers and concerned parents can take to make a difference. It suggests educating teachers about the harmful effects that advertising can have while challenging the government to limit marketing presence in schools, and also mindful parenting as well. The article highlights the work that CCFC is doing in the struggle against corporate influence on childhood.

About that App Gap: Children, Technology and the Digital Divide

Despite a wide-held belief that children from low-income families are deprived of access to technology, they actually spend more time with screens than wealthier children do. This screen time takes away valuable time from activities proven to be educational—negatively impacting vocabulary and reading skills, the ability to separate fact from hype, to think deeply, to be creative, to display empathy, and to demonstrate self-reflection.

Appetite for Profit: How the Food Industry Undermines our Health and How to Fight Back

Appetite for Profit exposes the hypocrisy in the food industry. Major food companies, like McDonalds,
Coco-cola, and General Mills, respond to the growing American health crisis with public relations
campaigns that falsely suggest they are part of the solution. This book offers a guide to understanding
public relations, front groups, and lobbying tactics that food companies employ to deceive the American