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Reclaiming Childhood from Corporate Marketers

CCFC works for the rights of children to grow up—and the freedom for parents to raise them—without being undermined by commercial interests. We advocate for policies to protect children from harmful marketing and promote commercial-free time and space for kids. Learn more...

Take a Stand for Children

Our voices make a difference. Visit our Action Center to learn about CCFC’s current campaigns to stop the corporate takeover of childhood and how you can get involved. Take action!

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Why Kids Need Commercial-Free

Why is advertising harmful to children? How do marketers target kids? Why is screen-free time essential to healthy development? How can we de-commercialize holiday celebrations and school book fairs? Find resources...

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Support CCFC

Help us stand up to the world’s most powerful companies with your tax-deductible contribution. We rely on people like you because we will not compromise our commitment to children by accepting corporate funding. Make a gift.

Take Action!

Stop the Unfair Ads on YouTube Kids

If we don’t act now, Google could singlehandedly demolish long-standing rules that protect children from harmful commercialism. In February, Google launched the YouTube Kids app for preschoolers, a... Act Now!

Stop Mattel’s "Hello Barbie" Eavesdropping Doll

At February's Toy Fair 2015 in New York City, Mattel unveiled "Hello Barbie," the Wi-Fi-connected doll that uses an embedded microphone to record children's voices—and other nearby conversations. But... Act Now!

School Bus Ad Action Center 2015

The commercialization of our schools could get a lot worse this year.Currently, only Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Tennessee, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Utah, Nevada, and New Mexico allow advertising on... Act Now!

Saluting Susan

A Salute to Susan Linn

On June 13th, friends and supporters from all over globe gathered at Wheelock College to honor outgoing Executive Director Susan Linn for founding and sustaining CCFC the past 15 years. Longtime friends and colleagues, including Kevin Hepner, Alvin F. Poussaint, Diane Levin, Michele Simon, Ana Lúcia Villela, and Josh Golin, gave moving tributes to Susan. See event photos and watch the salutes.

We're Hiring

Campaign Manager


CCFC is looking for a new Campaign Manager to design and implement our corporate campaigns. It’s a fantastic opportunity for advocates who are passionate about stopping the commercialization of childhood. Ideal candidates have significant campaign and organizing experience, as well as a passion for social justice, the wellbeing of children, and a commitment to CCFC’s mission. Click here for more information and to apply. And please spread the word to anyone you know who might be interested.