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Reclaiming Childhood from Corporate Marketers

CCFC works for the rights of children to grow up—and the freedom for parents to raise them—without being undermined by commercial interests. We advocate for policies to protect children from harmful marketing and promote commercial-free time and space for kids. Learn more...

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Why Kids Need Commercial-Free

Why is advertising harmful to children? How do marketers target kids? Why is screen-free time essential to healthy development? How can we de-commercialize holiday celebrations and school book fairs? Find resources...

Take a Stand for Children

Our voices make a difference. Visit our Action Center to learn about CCFC’s current campaigns to stop the corporate takeover of childhood and how you can get involved. Take action!

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Support CCFC

Help us stand up to the world’s most powerful companies with your tax-deductible contribution. We rely on people like you because we will not compromise our commitment to children by accepting corporate funding. Make a gift.

Recent News

Fun Irish campaign tells junk food peddlers: Stop Targeting Kids!

We’re big fans of the Irish Heart Foundation’s new “Stop Targeting Kids” campaign. It’s a fun and easy-to-share way to get the point across: corporations have plenty of dirty tricks up their sleeves...

Victory: Pokemon GO won’t send kids to sponsors’ locations

CCFC members demanded that children be protected from sneaky marketing when playing Pokemon GO, and got results!  Pokemon GO, produced by Niantic, Inc., is a location-based augmented reality (“AR”)...

The NFL is pulling the plug on fantasy football for kids

After a two-year campaign by CCFC, the NFL has ended a controversial fantasy football game for children.  In 2015, we issued an in-depth report on how the NFL intensively targets children, including...

Parent Resources

Back by popular demand: Our Healthy Kids in a Digital Word brochure is packed with tips, facts, and screen-free activities. Click here to download your own copy, or order in bulk to use as a handout in libraries, preschools, and doctors’ offices. Available in English and Spanish!

Plus, check out 7 Parent-Tested Tips to Unplug and Play, a real-world guide for reducing screen time and increasing play time!  

Take Action!

Maryland lawmakers are prepared to be the first in the nation to act to protect school children from overuse of screen technologies.

House Bill 866/Senate Bill 1089 would require the Maryland department of health to develop and implement health and safety guidelines for the use of digital devices in public school classrooms. Please contact key lawmakers to voice your support!