Parent Toolkit for Student Privacy

The Parent Toolkit for Student Privacy will help parents understand what data gets collected at school, how it's protected (or not), and what they can do to help ensure their child's sensitive information stays secure.

Inside the toolkit, you'll find: 

  • An overview of the federal laws that govern student data privacy;
  • Tips and resources for protecting your child's privacy at school and at home; 
  • Questions to ask districts, principals, and teachers about student privacy; 
  • Suggestions for parent advocacy and organizing;
  • A guide to understanding privacy policies; 
  • Sample opt-out forms and letters to share with your district;
  • and more! 

Download the toolkit now—it's free!  


What is student data, anyway?

To fully understand the types and amount of personal information a student generates in today’s digital world, and how it’s used and shared, let’s examine the life of a fictitious child named Tommy and his journey through a data- and technology-driven school experience:

Learn more about how student data gets used, stored, traded, shared, and sold. Download the Parent Toolkit for Student Privacy today!